Career Transition


Is to create, develop and enhance professional sport people’s careers.

Providing hands on recruitment methods and strategies to support professional’s transition into meaningful employment.



Our team is here to help develop an individual strategic plan and provide consistent lines of communication for professional athletes who seek career options outside of the game.

Making a transition can start at any stage of ones sporting career, however the earlier we can identify possible outcomes the more time a succession plan can grow and develop.  As well as understanding what one likes it is important to understand your dislikes and areas of development. This allows time to develop areas of need, so you become an asset once you have moved on.

There are many things I have learnt with my involvement as both a professional athlete and the corporate recruitment world. I have learnt that hands on work experience is extremely valuable and for most employers is an essential requirement for any candidate into their business.


If your a current or past athlete who would like to know more about employment and raising your own employment profile get in touch with the team on our registration page and we can discuss your options.



“Great things never come from comfort zones”