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Development. Enhancement. Growth

Representing globally known athletes who seek greatness both on and off the field



  1. For all players to have greater success when transitioning from sport to a professional career
  2. For current players to have longer sporting careers without the stresses of “what next”
  3. To increase positive mental wellbeing
  4. For employers to reap the rewards of having successful athletes adding immense value to their organisations
  5. For sporting clubs or organisations to have increased growth and increase the standard of performance throughout



Malaesaili Julian Tugaga

Ili first entered the professional scene in 2009, making his debut in first class cricket and list a games in the same year.

In total Ili played 42 games across the 3 formats taking a total of 73 wickets.

After 6 years as a contracted player Ili has entered the workforce and is currently a building apprentice with SB Construction.

Matt is currently in his seventh domestic season here in New Zealand. He has played 69 Domestic games having played for Canterbury, Wellington and Auckland.

With a few season left in the tank, Matthew is looking into employment opportunities during is off contract times to enhance his personal development. Matthew’s passion for whatever he does is evident and gives 100% for those who support him.

A born and bred Wellingtonian, Henry progressed through the age group ranks in which culminated to a professional contract at the young age of 18.

Although his time on the circuit was relatively short, Henry has dedicated the past few years completing his qualification in Quantity Surveyor and now working for Armstrong Downes Commercial.

Dual passport holder, Jake Milton boasts a large cricketing profile having worked and wore many hats during his cricketing tenure.

Recently returned back to the home land New Zealand, Jake is looking to utilise his skillset developed over 20 years within the sporting area, and apply it within the design and graphic sector here. Jake comes highly recommended and will be an asset to any organisation and working environments