The Kain Train

The Kain Train

Making the most of your time

It’s been a wild journey since hanging up the boots in 2017. Believe it or not I have just returned home from Las Vegas after taking a cricket team on tour.

The transitioning period after cricket is not one to take lightly. Going from a lifestyle of training for two hours a day and spending the rest with your mates and at the beach to a 9-5pm job is a huge wake a call. In my case not only was I adjusting to a new lifestyle but I was also making an adjustment to a new culture. I moved from New Zealand to USA shortly after retirement. Trying to find a good fit for a job was an extremely difficult time.

Nothing will compare to a professional cricketing career so adjusting your mindset and working through this does not come easy. Having a network of friends and family is pivotal to talk through this. And also an open mind. Having an agency to help you bridge this gap is an unbelievable asset.

After one year of transitioning to a new lifestyle and new country I started a coaching business (MK Cricket). This has been incredibly rewarding, we are now doing private coaching, running cricket tours and assisting with growing the game in San Diego. Having now been retired for two years and settled into the American culture I can say life is very good.

I have a great balance of work, surfing, cricket and spending time with my wife. The day to day structure of this lifestyle is great and provides consistency which cricket sometimes does not. I miss the highs and lows from cricket but also value the easy going consistent pace of life right now and always being injured!! San Diego is a phenomenal city with great food, weather, beach’s, waves and parks.

I miss some great friends back home and also family. But life is good. Can’t wait to see one of my best friends business take off and help those transitioning from professional sport into the working world.

Cheers, Marty Kain (Stag for life)

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